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Allow us to use our 65 years of Church planting experience to help your church accomplish a God thing that is too big for us to do alone!  NOAH helps to develop mature disciples who plant churches!
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                                         New Churches


It is our prayer and vision to plant the first of three churches in the greater Youngstown Area in 2012-2013.  The new church will be committed to developing disciples in a relational environment.  We expect the congregation to be committed to winning the world to Christ one person at a time!
     As many of you know, there is not an active Christian Church with a ministry center within the City limits of Youngstown at the current time.  This is astounding for two reasons; first, historically the Christian Church had such an impact in Youngstown that the Mohoning River was called the "little Jordan" river because of all of the baptisms that were taking place.  At the same time, the simple New Testament plan of salvation was the "point of conversation at every dinner table."  Secondly, the demographics with the University of Youngstown right in the middle of the city, the high level of human need, and the "open door" opportunities, make Youngstown "white unto harvest."  We believe that it is absolutely God's will for His Church to be victorius in this great city.  That is why we feel called to plant a vibrant, healthy, reproducing church planting church, that will help us to plant other church planting churches.


Read Below about our other 2012 Projects!


1 ​- Velocity Christian Church

We are delighted to announce that we are currently planting three new churches. The Velocity Christian Church in Lyndhurst/South Euclid area in Cleveland just celebrated their second year. They have a dynamic worship service on Sunday mornings with a combined worship attendance of about 200. (Through the summer of 2011). 
  Velocity meets in the Kiddie Company facility which used to be an elementary school building in Lyndhurst. They have been engaged in community outreach in a healthy and significant way, even before they moved into their facility and started Sunday morning worship. The congregation is marked by their excellent community service and outreach to youth. Scott Pugh is the lead planter. The church website is


2 - Pulse Christian Church

  At the same time we are working to plant a church in the Northern Columbus, Ohio area. We are generally targeting the Delaware/Union County area. The Sunday after Easter, Danny Vanscoy II, joined us as the lead planter for this exciting new work, called the Pulse Christian Church. The area that we are targeting for this plant is the New California community, between Dublin and Marysville. Their average worship attendance for the summer of 2011 was about 80-100. They are currently meeting on Sunday mornings at the Der Dutchman banquet facility. Their website is 


3 - Unto the City Christian Church

  NOAH is also working with the Momentum Christian Church to help them plant a daughter congregation. Although they are only four and a half years old, and still meeting in a rented facility (The ValleyView Cinema's) they are committed to reproducing and church planting. The location for this new congregation will be in the Tremont area of Cleveland, just south of downtown. Mark pratt has been selected as the church planter. Their website is still under construction, but we will update their contact information soon. We do want to affirm the vision and passion of Momentum in undertaking this step of faith and outreach at this time! 


4 - CityEdge Christian Church

  We are pleased to announce that CityEdge Christian Church launched on September 11, 2011. They have called our friend Kevin Rush to be their minister. They had an opening attendance of about 85! They are working hard to take the Lakewood area (just west of downtown Cleveland) for Christ! Their motto is to “Love Beyond Reason!, Journey with God and Serve the City.” They want to share the love of Jesus and their love through Him to their region. Their website is


5 - The Greenwood Project 2012 - 2013

  It is amazing how God works. Matthew Thompson and his family felt called by God to plant a church in South Carolina (where Angel, Matt’s wife used to live). They prayed about it and went to visit on an exploratory trip. Along with another family, as soon as they pulled into Greenwood, they all felt God calling them to this location. After prayer, it was confirmed absolutely that this was where God wanted them to plant.
  Matt and Angel and their children, Joshua and Faith, had also been seeking the Lord about how to plant the new church, or to determine which model to use. To make a long story short, the Lord again confirmed that they should plant the church by developing disciples in a relational environment. The Lord also provided them with an opportunity to go to a church called Real Life Ministries (Christian Church) in Post Falls, Idaho for a two week church planting boot camp.
  Matt is a Timothy of the Loudonville Christian Church. As many of you know the Loudonville congregation dissolved several years ago. However, Matt and Angel are the congregation’s legacy. NOAH is using some of the assets from Loudonville church to help their Timothy to plant the church that God planted in his heart in Greenwood, South Carolina! We believe that Wilmer Ballou and the congregation would be thrilled to know that the assets from Loudonville have helped us to plant five new churches!!!
  Matthew and family hope to move to Greenwood in November of 2012. Pleasae keep them in your prayers!  


6 - Brazil 2012

 God is Good, all the time, and all the time, God is Good! God has been very gracious to NOAH and is allowing us to plant our second set of International Christian Churches. This time, God has led us to Brazil. The basic idea is that our team will travel to Central Brazil; float up the Amazon River on a river boat; go to the nearest docking point close to the target location; and build a church building. They will also participate in an evangelistic campaign; and service projects. Two weeks later they will return to the USA, leaving a new church, with their own minister, and a new building! Please pray for the team, only God can do that! (And the enemy is strong there!) Thanks to the Central Brazil Christian Mission for their help and support in this project!